Corfu Town

Why Visit

The Corfu Town is home to many historical and architectural places and monuments. It is the capital of Corfu Island. The town offers a range of tourist attractions, which includes historical landmarks, monuments, museums etc. Plenty of cafes and restaurants are waiting for you to visit and taste local dishes.

What to do

Start your day at Liston Square, enjoy your coffee and get ready for a walk. You should visit the two fortresses of Corfu. The old one and the new one. Then try a local dish at a restaurant – ask for Pastitsada or Sofrito. Many people often wish to look out for souvenir shops so that they can get something for their loved ones. Corfu Town is surrounded by souvenir shops that are selling the cultural and traditional products of the town itself. Don’t forget to visit the Palace of St Michael and St George which houses the Museum of Asian Art and is located at the end of Spianada Square. In addition, the city’s nightlife is worth a try as it is very different from what you may have experienced before. Many cafes and bars to choose from, with or without music, for a quick drink or relax, rock or pop.

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Who Should Visit

Corfu Town has something for everyone. Families, couples, friends, all worth staying for a couple of days in Corfu Town.


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When to Visit

As mentioned above, Corfu’s historic center offers many activities and interesting places to visit. Most of them are available all year round but we recommend you visit it in the spring  or autumn seassons when the temperature and the wearther is ideal.

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