Waking up another sunny day, I decide to take a walk in Corfu town. The weather is pleasant, not very windy, and the heat is bearable. I’m walking towards the eastern edge of the Spianada square, facing the Old Fortress, standing impressive and picturesque. I quickly decide to walk to the top; the view of the city from above gives me an indescribable peace and I certainly need to share this feeling it with you.

I pass by its small square with the imposing statue of marshal Schulenberg, who defended the island against the attempted siege by the Turks. The Old Fortress looks even bigger now I proceed with awe over the bridge of Contrafossa, then under the huge gate and I find myself inside the castle. Looking down the bridge, I see the boats swaying in the glittering waters and the fishermen, who have built their little houses across the small canal, starting their day with a good catch! I continue my tour, walking toward the two big bastions located left and right of the central portal, while above me I see  the two large towers, the Tower of the Land and Tower of the Sea, which were built on the two peaks of the fortress. Thanks to these towers, Corfu received the Byzantine name, The town of Korifes (Korifes>Corfu), which means top in Greek. Many centuries later the island is worldwide known as Corfu.


Inside the old fortress there is a number of ancillary buildings, built by the Venetians and the British, to serve military needs: a Venetian prison (1786), two English barracks (1850) and a military hospital, which today houses the Department of Music of the Ionian University. At the end of the right bastion I see the   St. George church(1840), which I cannot help but visit. I admire the frescoes, the wooden temple and I smell the beautiful perfumes of the censer and the nature around the temple.

Continuing my walk  to the Cross at the top of the fortress, I pass through its labyrinthine tunnels and of course from small openings in the rocks left and right that were probably used as prisons. Coming out, I see tall trees all around, and I just sit for a while in the carpet  made by chamomiles and wildflowers. Below lies the marina of the fortress; the sailing boats are gently swaying in the sea breeze. I drink some water to take forces to continue. It is the right time to climb because the sun doesn’t burn and as the cool breeze seems to be pushing me to continue towards my goal!

Finally, I am at the Cross, I sit on the battlements and admire a view I’ll never forget: the city bathed in the sunlight, the picturesque houses with skylights and large ropes with colourful clothing! The city looks fabulous, the horse carriages show the people around the square , while people  like ants. Everyone around me stare seems to enjoy the beautiful view, lost in their thoughts by watching this peaceful yet noisy spectacle of a city that is never tired of giving us peace and calm with its landscapes. I take some pics, to immortalise  those moments.

Filled by the most simple, the most casual walk, I drink a sip of water and I open my book …