Well, I finally found the time to write about my amazing summer vacation and I hope my adventure will inspire you to visit, what is now, my favorite Greek island, Corfu. The summer started off to a rocky start, I hoped to go on a vacation sooner but I had to postpone it until the end of September. The never-ending hot days of June, July, and August were taunting me but the time to set off on my vacation finally arrived, and I was ready as one can be. I headed to Corfu and spent two amazing weeks enjoying my long-awaited summer holiday.

First impressions

When I arrived at Corfu, the first thing that struck me was how green the island is. It is the greenest Greek island and it is said that it has several millions of Olive trees growing on it. Olive trees are not the only tree you will find there. The island is covered with Myrtles trees, Holm oaks, Cypress trees, and so much more greenery. One tree that Corfu is known for, other than the Olive tree, is the Kumquat tree. It was brought here from China, and today its fruit is used to make the famous kumquat liqueur that is produced only on Corfu. Exploring the island was such a pleasure – wherever I went, the sight of trees and the sea was reminding me to relax and enjoy myself.


The capital

Kerkyra, as it is known in Greek, or Corfu town is the capital of the island and the first place I explored during my time there. The town is not very big but its beauty surpasses that of many others. Just like the island itself, it has a long and turbulent history and is marked with remnants of many rulers who reigned there. Walking around the town, I enjoyed the view of many Venetian, French, and British style buildings, and snapped quite a few pics with those beauties in the background. The town has two forts, Néo Froúrio and Paleó Froúrio. I loved walking around the forts and soaking in the view of the town and the surrounding area. While there, I also visited the Museum of Asian Art, St. Spyridon Church, and the Serbian Museum of Corfu, and learned more about the history of this island.

My comfort

I enjoyed every minute of my vacation and one of the main reasons for that is the weather. I expected a lot of rain and cloudy days considering I was going there in late September, but the weather was heavenly. Sunny warm days with some light breeze and moderate temperatures meant I could use my time to explore all the corners of the island without being too hot or having to worry about getting caught in the rain. Well, I did get caught by a fleeting storm but it lasted shorter than it took me to drink a cup of frappe and the air was fresh and crisp after it. But the real reason I loved the weather is that I got to wear all my favorite outfits, change them often and show them off while walking around the island. Although my outfits changed a few times a day, my feet were always in a pair of Birkenstock sandals, and they were never too tired or achy for another walk.

My pleasure

One of my favorite things about traveling is trying different cuisines. Corfu has a truly unique cuisine and I can honestly say it was a pleasure trying all those yummy dishes. A trip to Greece should never go without at least one gyro, so I had a few and they were amazing. The pita made in Corfu is the tastiest I tried so far in Greece. I also tried souvlaki, moussaka, and sofrito. My favorite was definitely moussaka followed by a nice cup of Greek coffee and a piece of Baklava. And I mustn’t forget to mention the drinks, ouzo, kumquat liqueur, and Corfiot beer were all part of what made the meal on the island such a pleasure.

My rest

Exploring the island, visiting historic places, and trying its cuisine made my experience so enjoyable, but the reason I was there was to rest. To me there is nothing like a beach and the sound of the sea to calm me and revitalize me. While in Corfu, I enjoyed sunbathing and swimming and visited many of its beaches like the Paleokastritsa, Notos, Agios Isidros, and many others. They are all beautiful and they definitely helped me relax and prepared me for getting back to work after a lovely holiday.