One of my favourite walks is that of Mon Repos. I think there is no visitor or native, that has not been seduced wandering around its paths. You should visit Mon Repos walking across the city centre; is just 3 km away, so it’s worth to walk by the sea, passing by the picturesque Garitsa Bay. Each season is unique, so you will see the landscape around you change its colours and aromas depending on when you choose to walk the path..

Arriving at the beautiful Mon Repos, I know I have no less than 258 acres to explore, since today I have a day off. Besides that was the reason Mon Repos was built, a summer residence of the English Commissioner Frederic Adam and his Corfiot wife Nina Palatianou, to spend their days off. In a beautiful spot overlooking the sea, the famous Palace of Mon Repos was built shortly after they arrived. The mansion consists of two main buildings with strong Greek and neo-classical elements.

After the final departure of the couple in India, the estate and the palace passed into the hands of King George I of the Hellenes and since today has hosted many significant people including the Empress of Austria-Hungary, Elizabeth, the legendary princess Sissi and the former President of Yugoslavia, Tito. Also, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth was born in Mon Repos. The villa was confiscated under controversial circumstances in 1974 but by 1995, Mon Repos and its mansion, which is currently a museum, passed into the hands of the greek people, and so we all have the opportunity to admire its beauties.

With these thoughts, I perish once more in the picturesque paths of the deep forest, watching the little scouts playing hide and seek under the majestic trees, people jogging, trekking and others, like myself, resting under the shade of trees, writing, painting, reading a book or listening to music. I imagine all of us, people of another era, and although we don’t have royal descent, we feel like home in the Mon Repos, a place where we can rest and be close to nature. Moving deeper and deeper into the forest, I was fascinated by the birds singing, the scent of cedar wood and by the chamomiles and wildflowers that had formed a carpet below my feet. Without knowing which path to choose, I felt the need to wander, with the only company of the forest creatures. I was soon lost, but I did not care because I came across the ruins of the ancient theatre and I relived all the moments that I attended concerts and performances.

Taking the twisting path from the lower side of the Palace, I can’t skip a dip in Kardaki beach. The beach is at the end of Palaiopolis, the ancient city of Corfu, upon its major part was built Mon Repos. There I came across the ancient fountain. According to the legend, anyone who drinks from its water will stay forever in Corfu! Swimming in the crystal, clear blue waters, looking towards the endless sea and the lush vegetation, the only thing I wish is certainly not to leave this magical island!