Honeymoon Holidays

The big question has been popped, so now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams

The big question has been popped, so now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. If you are searching for the ideal island to exchange vows and have a magical wedding, corfudiary.com has all the answers for you. Providing you with all the well needed assistance in order to find the perfect accommodation for you and your guests and offering all the useful information so as to know exactly what Corfu can offer you, it will help you have an amazing time with less stress and more fun during your wedding organization. So, relax and let the magic begin!

With its picturesque landscape filled with green hills and olive groves, amazingly combined with the infinite Ionian crystal blue sea, as well as with its wonderful Italian style architecture and unique old town, Corfu can be the ideal place for an unforgettable wedding day and honeymoon. Imagine having your wedding in an island that offers the luxury of west Europe, the taste of Venetian age and the breathtaking scenery of Greece. A unique destination for unique couples who want to live the dream.

Couples who are in search of their wedding holidays destination will be amazed with the choices offered in Corfu. A rich variety of wedding locations to choose from white luxury villas, strategically located in places that offer privacy, gourmet restaurants located in the picturesque lagoons and run by local families that create a feeling of coziness to their visitors, to palaces and small Castello’s that convey the elegance and the luxury of another era.
Here are some ideas of what types of wedding holidays can be organized in Corfu.

My Fairytale Day

Beach Weddings in Corfu

Either you dream of a small, simple wedding or a luxurious one the sandy beaches of the island will consist the ideal place for your wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in front of the sea, with your veil waving and the sea breeze filling you with a sense of placidity and peacefulness. The power of nature can really upgrade your wedding.

Religious Weddings in Corfu

The blessing can be given everywhere in the world, without losing its power and significant meaning. Corfu is a great destination for your religious wedding to take place. Thanks to its rich history, the island offers you the chance to get married in an Orthodox, Catholic or Anglican church.

Luxury Wedding in Corfu

If you are dreaming of a wedding of affluence in the lap of luxury, then Corfu is the most appropriate destination for your wedding holiday. With a wide choice of luxury venues and suites, Corfu is the ideal place to host a lavish wedding. It isn’t a coincidence that it is the island where kings and queens spent their holidays.

Renewal of vows in Corfu

What is the best way to celebrate love and life other than renew your vows with your significant other? No matter what kind of celebration you have in mind, either you wish for a luxurious party or a quiet, romantic ceremony for the two of you, Corfu is the ideal place to re-live your big day.

Same sex weddings in Corfu

Same sex weddings can take place in Corfu with all the luxury and enthusiasm they deserve. You could choose among beachfront settings, opulent private villas with amazing view and the majestic town hall in Corfu town. The wedding of your dreams can be organized in this Ionian island.
No matter which type of wedding holidays in Corfu suits you the best, the island is the ideal destination that offers you everything you have been dreaming of.
Honeymoon holidays in Corfu

Honeymoon holidays are synonymous to amazing views, breath taking surroundings, pampering, relaxation, peacefulness, calmness and of course privacy. Corfu can offer you everything you desire, thanks to its fantastic climate, its rich history and civilization, its picturesque landscape and its combination of mountain and sea that will leave you with the best impression. It makes you feel that you are in a fairytale world and it will definitely spoil you with all the luxury choices it will award you with. Choose Corfu for your wedding holiday destination and you will be amazed.