North West Corfu

Why Visit

The North West side is more beautiful and exquisite as every sight depicts love. Newly married couples should consider it as their honeymoon destination. Amazing sunsets from places like Peroulades, Arillas, Afionas will be unforgettable.

What to do

Are you a party animal? Sidari is a great spot as you will find many clubs to drink and to dance. And if you’re hungry, many fast-food restaurants are available for snacks and tavernas for dinner.

Don’t miss out The Canal D’amour, which is referred to as the channel of love and it is a lovely place for couples to swim together. It is a beautiful option for couples to explore the sea caves together.

If you are looking for a calm yet soothing environment, then do visit Porto Timoni. The beach offers crystal clear blue water along with sandy and lush green landscapes on the side. Many tourists visit the place to enjoy the spectacular sunset as the reflection of the sun on the crystal clear water looks breathtaking and serene. Porto Timoni lies near Afionas, and the waves of the beach are overlapping with the waves of the Ionian Sea.

Must-Visit Cape Drastis which is located in the old and traditional village of Peroulades. The cape is nestled in between the lush green surroundings, and it is a perfect place for people who wish to enjoy the hot summer season along with diving into the water. However, the road that takes you to Cape Drastis is rough; it is better to rent a jeep for your family or yourself. Another way of reaching the Cape of Drastis is through a boat which you can rent for nearby beaches

Who Should Visit

The surroundings of the North West of the Corfu Island are quite romantic; therefore, the place is suitable for couples. However, people who wish to explore something new that can bring happiness, peace, and tranquility in their life, then they can also visit the place with their families. It is a wonderful spot for people who are wishing to strengthen their health and well-being.

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