Adventure Holidays

Corfu is the best place for those who love hiking and walking

It is undeniable that hiking offers you a plethora of benefits, but when it is performed in an amazing scenery, then everything becomes more interesting and an unforgettable journey begins. Thanks to its geographical position and natural composition, Corfu is the best place for those who love hiking and walking. If you dream of following a route that will guide you from the boundless beaches, through the olive groves to the rugged gorges in the north part of the island, then the Corfu will be the paradise island for your walking holidays.

There have always been plenty of reasons to visit Corfu but it was in 2001, when the famous Corfu trail was founded, that all the unique opportunities for walkers and hikers came to the surface. Thanks to its natural walking trail, people from all over the world have the opportunity to explore the beauties of the island. With length of 220 km, this trail leads visitors to a spectacular route that conveys the magic of Corfu, as it shows them all the hidden treasures, that are difficult to be approached by tourists. It’s a unique experience for those who love adventure and of course walking, who relish see and discover what most people neglect.

Something new arises from each corner of the route pleasing even the most demanding walkers. Numerous sandy or rocky beaches married to olive groves and magnificent hills offer a unique, spectacular eyeful all around the island. Walking down the Corfu trail, you will experience a journey from south to north, along ancient footpaths and winding tracks above the coast, between olives, cypresses, maritime pines and holm oaks. If you want to discover unexplored areas on foot, then Corfu is the ideal destination for your walking holidays.

Another fact that proves the splendor and magnificence of the Ionian island is that it was a beloved holiday destination for significant historical personalities. Members of the European noble society holidayed at Corfu in the 19th century, and especially Empress Elizabeth of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany had their own palace to spend their vacation. What is more, Prince Philip, a member of the Greek royal family, was born on the island and his villa is the well-known Mon Repos. It’s no coincidence that so many great personalities chose Corfu and once you visit it, you will understand their reasons.