Paxos Island

Why Visit

It is considered by people to be an artist’s paradise. Paxos is a small island that lies below the Corfu Island that has a crystal clear water. 

What to do

During the day you can see what lies beneath the water which adds up to its beauty and exclusiveness. There are two famous ports that exist within the Paxos Island i.e. Gaios and Lakka. Numerous ferries, sailboats, sea taxi are waiting near the shore for tourists who wish to go further in order to explore the island more. Visit Gaios, the capital of Paxos. Enjoy a walk around the streets of the area the search for Agioi Apostoloi Church and the local Museum. Head for the two famous beaches located on the Island. Plakes beach surrounded by small pebbles and Mongonissi Beach. Moggonisi, a small island on the southern tip of Paxos, just one meter from the main island, can be reached by a small jump. Must-visit Antipaxos. The islet of Antipaxos is famous for its beautiful beaches and offers some of the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities in Greece. 

Who Should Visit

The calm and composed environment of the Island is suitable for families that are looking for a new vacation spot in Summer. They can take their children for a ferry ride as this would be a new learning experience for them. Children can also participate in water sport activities as every beach offers numerous activities that tourists can actively participate in. It is suitable for people who are a fond of experiencing night life during their trip.
If you not planning to stay in the Paxos Island then you can easily get a cruise from the Corfu Island.

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