Why Corfu is Ideal for Remoters

Corfu is an ideal destination for remote workers for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few: Stunning natural beauty: One of the biggest draws of Corfu is its stunning natural beauty. The [...]

Traveling With Pets

Sometime things happen and you need to leave right away. If you have pets, this can cause a major problem. What if no one is available to watch your pet? If you don’t [...]

Amazing Sunsets spots in Corfu

There is something inherently inspiring about sunsets. Maybe it is the glorious burst of colors mixed onto a new palette each day. For some, watching the sunset is even more than just an aesthetic [...]

Corfu Famous Figures

When you visit Corfu, one of the first things you will certainly notice is its cosmopolitan character. This is the product of the island’s rich and diverse history and of various influences from [...]

Kassios Dias Race

KASSIOSDIAS is an amateur sports group with a love for sports and a social profile aiming to increase awareness in youth, encourage volunteering and through our work protect and promote the virgin natural [...]

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Top 6 Corfiot Dishes That You Must Try

Corfiot cuisine features some very enticing dishes that will make your visit to the breathtaking island worthwhile. Although Corfiot dishes take after the island’s German, Greek, Italian, and Turkish conquerors, the food is [...]

  • two days corfu guide

What to do in Corfu in two days

You decided to visit Corfu, but unfortunately you only have two days to see the island. No problem! In this quick article we will suggest sights, beaches and areas of central and northern [...]




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