Corfu Diary consists of a group of people who love Corfu Island. The initial idea was born by 3 and now we are 5 before it even officially rolled out and we hope that we will keep growing for a long time. For that exact reason, we give the opportunity to anyone who loves Corfu Island, to have his own spot in our team. Since you desire, you are more than welcome to join our group and share your experiexces from Corfu Island with anyone you feel might deserve to know them!

We have no idea what it might be! The only sure thing is that we want it to be written with love by someone who loves Corfu Island! It doesn’t matter at all your age, your origins, your gender or if you spent a day or your whole life in Corfu. You don’t have to be a professional writer to be an author of Corfu Diary, but there is one condition you should accept. You have to love the island and feel that you need to share a part of your love with others!

Join the Corfu Diary team and write in free spirit whatever you wish to talk about, speaking to locals or tourists, just the way you see it through your own eyes. Corfu Diary is ready to host your point of view about anything you might wish to share, either it is your memories as a traveller, or your own point of view on your experiences during your stay in the island.

Just please keep in mind one little thing: Intolerance, misery, fanaticism and racism – in any form – insulting and generally such behaviors don’t belong to Corfu Diary. We are a group that loves the island and we address to people who want to join the team under this one and only condition.

Send us an email to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to welcome you to our group!