Corfu Diary was created by a group of locals who love their island. The idea was sudden and spontaneous and the decision was taken in order to show everybody out there how we see our own place and maybe give the chance to anyone who wants to get to know Corfu, to do it through our own point of view.

Encyclopedias and tourist guides are great, but Corfu Diary is more than a travel blog. It is a blog about Corfu written in the way that the people who love it, live and see it. So, we created Corfu Diary and we hope that it will manage to travel you around Corfu using our own eyes as a vehicle.

It surely is not the only travel blog about Corfu island that you will get across online but for us is a little spot on the internet that lets us talk about the beautiful places of the island, its picturesque villages that often seem to have remained the same through the years, the cultural events of Corfu and anything else that might inspire us in any level, motivated by what else? Our Corfu!

Of course we are waiting for anyone who might want to be a part of this!