Waking up another majestic morning, I had an unrestrained desire to visit one of Corfu Town beaches for a quick swimming session. So, I called my friend Pipis and we started thinking about our options for the ideal place to swim in Corfu Town on a relaxing Sunday morning. Finding a place to swim in the town of Corfu is not always as easy as it seems. Corfu Town beaches are not too many but there are still excellent swimming spots if you know where to look at.


corfu town beaches faliraki


Till a few years earlier called “Alekos’ beach”. Who is Alekos? The owner of the one and only canteen that existed at this place back then. I recall, that as teenagers, we used to go almost every day not only because we could swim, but also to play football, billiards and arcade video games while enjoying an ice cream or a cold beverage. I recall myself spending most of the time at Alekos’ canteen rather than inside the sea! Nowadays Alekos and his canteen aren’t there anymore but there are three bars that can provide you anything you need to drink or eat, even the traditional ouzo with meze in the heart of Corfu Town. The water is clear and you can use the showers and the toilets. The one and only thing that you maybe should consider is that when a ship passes by, the waves that last about a couple of minutes could hit you on the rocks or on the diving platform. But honestly, the danger level of such a scenario, is really low.


Faliraki lays outside of the Old Fortress of Corfu Town, heading North while on the on the other side you find Kontra Fosa. The two beaches connect via a canal which was created after the Old Fortress was built, to help Corfu Town martial defense by separating the Fortress from the island. Actually Kontra Fosa is no more than a quiet, small, pebbly gulf at the foot of the Fortress. Enjoy the sea and the sun without caring about other people since it is not crowded, and without any cafeterias or beach bars. Bring your own coffee, snacks, beverages and swim in the beautiful waters, having the Fort rising imposingly over your heads!


If you enter the Old Fortress and start walking around to explore, it shouldn’t take long for you to discover one of my favorite spots for a quick swimming session, the small beach at the East side, inside the Fortress. Right next to the Corfu Town Sailing Club you will find a small and quite place to swim and enjoy the sea facing the beautiful Vidos Island. Of course, you are able to buy anything you need at the Corfu Sailing Club’s bar, about fifty meters away.

corfu town beaches old fortress

Swimming inside the Old Fortress


corfu town beaches anemomilos

Anemomilos, another fine swimming spot in Corfu Town

Moving a little further from the historical center of Corfu Town, a couple of kilometers away, lays the old Windmill which once upon a time, used to produce the essentials for the locals. I am not talking about any special or impressive location to swim, actually I am not even talking about a real beach. The old windmill is built on a mole with clear blue waters, easily accessible either on foot or by car, with parking spots by the street, ideal if you don’t have all day to spend on the beach and all you need is sea, sun, and sand-free car on your way back home.


corfu town beaches mon repos

Mon Repos beach. A hidden paradise

Well, if you go to Anemonilos and you are not a fan of the idea of swimming by the street, or if you would really like a real beach to lay down and sunbathe, no worries… Keep walking for about fifty more meters and visit Mon Repos beach. Sandy beach with crystal clear waters which combines ideally almost every colour of nature’s palette. Blues water and yellow sand, along with brown tree trunks and green leaves of the forest right above the beach. Highly recommended for playing, having fun, diving from the platform but also relaxing and enjoy the sun and the nature’s beauty.

So, having these options in mind and considering which one is the best for that perfect Sunday morning, Pipis and I, set a date at Liston after a few minutes. Well, as pure Corfiots and being a little crazy, eventually we didn’t even go swimming on that day but this is a whole different story…