When the sun is beating down on your back and you’re itching to cool down, there is nothing better than a dip in the sea. Waking up the gorgeous weather in Corfu makes me spring out of bed and into a swimsuit first thing in the morning. Crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea are calling like a siren to sailors!
Depending on your mood (if you’re looking for a commercial beach side or an isolated paradise) and where you are on Corfu, you have option of sandy, rocky, attraction-adjoined beaches. I’ve listed a few of my favorites in no particular order:

Canal d’Amour (Sidari)

Charming Sidari village aside, the ombre green to blue waters of the Channel of Love beckon you. Thought to bless couples and ready them for marriage, this cozy cropping of coves and canals are formed by yellow rock. Hemming in the narrow channel in layered steps, you can suntan on the ledges and muse at the green brushes.
It’s not the closest drive from Corfu town, but the walk down to the beach is simple enough.


If regular holiday towns are your thing, the developed Ipsos bay area offers tourist facilities and sporing activities. The long stretch of bay is a sleek curve behind which tourist shops, orange-roofed houses, café-bars and a cozy fishing port lies. I spent a few hours alternating between swimming (the water is shallow for those afraid of deep water) and chilling beachside, but more active families and friend groups ran around chasing volleyballs.


Located out of town but outfitted with several hotels, Gialiskari is a compromise between Corfu’s natural landscape and tourist accommodation. It’s not the biggest beach, but sunbeds and umbrellas prep you for a relaxing afternoon. There are also water sporting facilities to complement the rockier waves around this bay. Surrounded by cliff-sides topped with green, you can expect a more rugged charm opposed to dreamy sandscape.


To escape the tourist routine, hit up Rovinia beach for its untouched scenery. White rocky cliffs round the edges of the beach, a sharp contrast to the clear turquoise waters. Where the cave-like rocks offer shade, the beach is largely open and sun soaked. The closest accommodation is in Liapades, where you can hike to this beach; you can also access it by car.


One of the most popular (and therefore noisy) beaches on Corfu is Paleokastritsa’s main beach. The rounded bay is nestled in the picturesque village, taverns resorts, bars and restaurants drawing in huge crowds. The Monastery of the Virgin is another major attraction overlooking the sandy bay, inviting boats into the harbor.


Less beach and more secret cove, Glyko is probably my favorite nook on Corfu. A small sand bar hidden within rough terrain, its wild beauty keeps me going back. Chill your feet at the sparkling waters and bask in silence after a busy week. You can access it through Liapades on foot.
There are so many more beaches and not enough time. But these? Definitely worth the drive.