There is something inherently inspiring about sunsets. Maybe it is the glorious burst of colors mixed onto a new palette each day. For some, watching the sunset is even more than just an aesthetic experience. It marks the end of yet another day and gives us a sense of closure, literal and figurative. It is almost as if time stands still for those brief moments. Maybe the awe linked to watching the sunset has to do with suddenly seeing our surroundings in a new light, blushing in flattering coral light. Our busy lives don’t always allow for too much sunset watching. So during holidays is when we are most likely to really take the time to appreciate one. Add a beach setting and it doesn’t get better than that. Here are the best spots to enjoy spectacular sundown around Corfu.


Pelekas is one of the island’s most famous sunset spots, and for good reason. The picturesque village overlooks the western coastline and thus the unobstructed sunset views from the top of its hill are simply stunning. This is known as Kaiser’s Throne, a former observatory that offers panoramic views of the whole island and will make you feel as if you are on top of the world.


Admittedly the ultimate spot to watch the sunset, the tiny beach of Loggas is cradled by imposing rocky formations carved into the rugged coastline extending all the way to Cape Drastis in the north. Here you get to watch the sun disappear in the horizon, behind the Diapontia islands.

Corfu town

You don’t actually need to wander too far from the center of Corfu town to enjoy the sunset; Just take an afternoon walk in the promenade contouring the old town, in the fringes of Campiello, known as Mouragia among locals. Or you can climb up to the top of the Old Fortress and watch the terracotta rooftops of the old town slowly turn scarlet as the sunsets.


Paleokastritsa is a popular resort for many reasons, so if you find yourself enjoying the crystalline waters of one of its beaches do not miss a chance to relish the sunset in this dramatic setting. You can do so either at the water’s edge or even climb all the way up to the monastery to watch the sun melt into the sea, warming up the craggy coastline.


Arillas nestles in between two rocky headlands and boasts a long sandy beach facing Northwest. You can sit for dinner in a tavern by the sea or stay at the beach and enjoy the setting sun in all its glory.