At a distance of 12km (approximately 7,5miles) from Corfu town and on the northwest side of the island is located a village called Pelekas. Pelekas being one of the most well-known villages on the island has so much to offer to visitors. Some of the things it is most famous for are it’s traditional looks,the wonderful sunset view (Pelekas is one of the best places in Corfu to catch the sunset) and the overall view of the island which is visible thanks to Pelekas’ high altitude.

Due to its location being not very far from Corfu town and the frequent buses Pelekas is a place many tourists visit and chose to stay in. Plus,there a beaches nearby making Pelekas a great place to stay during your holidays,since access to the beach is easy.

Like I said before, Pelekas is very famous for both the sunset view and the breathtaking view of almost the entire island. Visitors can enjoy these beautiful views from everywhere in the village but to enjoy them the most there is better way. Kaiser’s Throne.

Atop of the mount of Pelekas there is Kaiser’s Throne which can provide to the visitors the best possible view they can have since with its location it can provide a 360º panoramic view of the island.

Kaiser’s Throne is located on the top of mount Pelekas. It was built back in the early 1900’s D.C by Wilhelm II ( otherwise known as Kaiser). The top of mount Pelekas was his favourite place on the island because of its view and for that is why he chose to have his “Throne“ built there. For Kaiser, his Throne was a place for him to relax and enjoy the view.

For me Kaiser’s Throne is one of my favourite places in Corfu. The view of both the sunset and the island are both so breathtaking they make you forget about everything else and just relax and enjoy them. Every time I go there I understand more and more why Kaiser would choose the top of Pelekas mount to have his “Throne” built and not anywhere else.