You decided to visit Corfu, but unfortunately you only have two days to see the island. No problem! In this quick article we will suggest sights, beaches and areas of central and northern Corfu that are worth a visit during your short stay on the island. All you need is a car or motorbike rental and the will to drive a few kilometers. So, assuming you are staying somewhere centrally or just outside Corfu town, we are ready to begin our tour.

Day One

What better way to start the day, than with a morning walk in the historic center of Corfu? Get up early, walk along the central square, Spaniada, and enjoy your coffee in the Liston. Visit the old fortress, stroll through the streets (kantounia) of the old town, visit the new fortress and enjoy a local specialty in one of the many restaurants you’ll come across while strolling through the historic center.

Go back to your accommodation, grab your swimsuit and a towel and head to Paleokastritsa. From the center of Corfu, you need about 30 minutes to get to the main beach of Paleokastritsa. There, you can enjoy your afternoon swim either at the main beach or at a more secluded one, that can be reached by boat (ask at the platform to the right of the beach). After your swim, go to the monastery and enjoy the view from the hill that rises just above the right side of the beach. On your return from Paliokastritsa, you can make a detour and visit the picturesque village of Lakones. In the village square you will find Eftichi’s traditional café, where you can enjoy your coffee. You can also enjoy your coffee in any of the other shops you’ll come across just outside the village, that offer a great view of the area.

Go back to the center of Corfu and go out if you are in the mood for a night drink. You will find bars for all tastes around the central square of Spaniada and the Liston.

Day Two

Today we’ll drive a little more in order to get to know the beauties of North Corfu. So, we are starting early setting Ipsos as our first destination on our GPS. The well-known area with coffee shops, restaurants and bars right next to a big beach. We recommend you take a break for your morning coffee there. Then head north until you reach the small fishing village “Kassiopi”. A small picturesque village, at the port of which you will find many taverns with fine Corfu Cuisine. At the back of the village, you will find the Kanonaki area where we suggest you go for a swim. You can sit either on the small beach you see just off the road or you can park your car and walk to the big rock, from where you can jump directly into the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea. So, we suggest you go for a swim and lunch in Kassiopi. If it is around 4pm, you can go back to your car and continue northwest. Our next destination is the famous Cape Drastis. In order to get there, you will go through Acharavi, Roda and Sidari, three areas we do not suggest you stop at due to the lack of time. However, you could stop to see and take pictures at the famous Canal D’Amour in Sidari. Once you’ve seen Cape Drastis, it will probably be late in the afternoon and the sunset will be on its way, so you can set your final destination on your GPS and that is Peroulades and more specifically 7th Heaven café. It is a wonderful spot overlooking the North Ionian Sea and the group of the three islands – the Diapontian Islands. There you can relax, dine and recharge for the drive back.

Your visit to the island of Corfu is short but we hope that with this short guide we managed to show you the basic and beautiful spots we think nobody should miss when they visit the beautiful island of Corfu.