One of the best things about holidays is trying the local dishes. Personally I’m always excited to taste new flavours and re-create the recipes at home! This time I am inspired by the local dish of fish bianco; a traditional and very famous corfiot dish. The locals describe it very simply: any white fish with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon. At first I couldn’t believe that these simple ingredients would create such a flavoursome dish. I am pleased to say I was wrong; fish bianco is now one of my favourite dishes! As a student I try to make it at least once a week and I can enjoy it even at work! The key to this dish is to use the best extra virgin olive oil you can afford and trust me the result will be a garlicky fish stew, with extremely rich flavour! The dish is inspired by the venetian recipe of fish bianco, so called because it uses no tomatoes. It is widely known that Corfu was a venetian colony for 400 years and that’s why many corfiot recipes are in fact recreations of venetian ones.

If you ever have the chance to visit Corfu don’t skip ordering this dish at a restaurant or If you wish to cook it yourself, I recommend a walk in the local open-air market in Corfu Town; there you will find the best fish and all the ingredients freshly cut! Moreover you can find various traditional mixtures for this recipe which are well worth a try. In any case I’m sure this greek recipe will be one of your favourites too!