Corfu has probably one of the most interesting geographical diversities of Greece. Hundreds of beaches with pebbles and golden sand, sheltered coves, caves and smaller islands make the most amazing landscapes you’ ve ever seen! The sandy beaches are my favourite place to relax and Corfu has managed to compensate me in the best way: the magical beach of Halikounas and Korission lake with an unforgettable scenery!

It is in fact it nothing but a strip of sand of several kilometres separating the Ionian sea by Korission lake. In some specific spots it becomes quite wide, creating a striking landscape scheme. Most often you will come across waves quite large, but not dangerous, which  add their own touch to the natural canvas . The surrounding landscape is wild, untouched, the dunes and the low, almost incomplete, vegetation reminds us of a real Sahara landscape, in one of the greenest Islands of Greece.

The beautiful scenery is harmonically combined with Korission lake, the island’s largest lake and a protected Natura area. In its wetland we can find 126 species of birds , thousands of butterflies while its sand is a color palette with small reeds, white lilies and 14 different orchid species.

After I met my friend at the beach bar we swum in the crystal-clear waters of Halikounas, we sun bathed in the golden sand, watching the adventurous swimmers kite-surfing and windsurfing. Before the sun goes down, we visit one of my favourite places, the Bioporos farm, to enjoy a dinner by the lake just before the sunset. We greet our friends Gennaios, Kriton and Iro,  who have taken over Bioporos, keeping their parents culinary secrets and traditions, Costas and Agathi. We laugh, we hug and kiss; I haven’t heard from them since a lot of time and I’m really looking forward to hearing their news as we sit at the table. We drink the homemade wine, its sweet taste relaxes me and I gaze across the beautiful lake.

The truth is I can’t help but enjoy the wonderful food and wine, but I have to admit that the view is really beyond any imagination. The beach of Halikounas and Korission Lake lake appear on the horizon, its waters stand still and smooth, as an eternal mirror of the sky. The sun, at its best moment, is diving in its waters and thousands of birds fly up the lake to nest in its quiet surroundings. I’m lost again in my thoughts, but soon I notice the food is coming; roasted lamb with potatoes from the Bioporos garden, homemade corfiot viands, fresh salad and more wine. The night breeze is now noticeable, combined with the hot food and the nature’s aromas they make me think that I’m dreaming.

We enjoy the conversation and we decide to walk in the farm; after all we need some time to digest! Bioporos farm is vast , including two newly built residences for those who want to become acquainted with rural tourism. The guys  explain that lifestyle close to nature is particularly popular nowadays and that’s why they wanted to build a farm like Bioporos; so as to enable visitors and locals to taste mediterranean and corfiot flavors and enjoying living close to a unique natural environment at the same time. The houses are able to accommodate ten people. Your visit is also a unique opportunity  to meet farm animals, rural engagement tools, hike in the picturesque paths leading to the Lake and even to observe the stars with the telescope of Bioporos! We are also able to relax, to refresh ourselves and detoxify through sessions that combine nutrition, reflexology and magnet therapy.

Unfortunately there comes the time to leave the welcoming restaurant of Bioporos and of course our great company. But we return back home flooded by beautiful feeling and nostalgia until the next time we visit  Bioporos and the magic beach of Halikounas and Korission Lake. For now, I surrender myself to the sweet sound of the last herons, returning to their nest, before the first star marks the rest of all creatures.

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