Diapontia Islands adorn the Ionian Sea, on its north side. These are the three large islands and nine islets. Othonoi, Erikousa and Mathraki, are the names of the Islands, while the islets are the Diakopo, Diaplo, Karavi, Kastrinos, Lipso, Ostrako, Plaka (or Ankira), Plateia and Trahia. They are located at the westernmost point of Greece, and only ten kilometres from the island of Corfu.

They took their name from their location, located between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, while the Venetians chose it to make colonies, and then fled in search of larger areas. Nevertheless, the remnants of this era are still evident as many family names are the same between those three islands.


Othonoi, is the largest island of this cluster, with approximately 560 residents and two overall settlements. According to mythology, othonoi was the island of Calypso, where Odysseus spent seven years in captivity before he left for Corfu.
Also othonoi was the place where the British sent the sick as it is said that there is a very good climate, ideal for recovery. On the island you will also find a lighthouse, which was demolished by the Germans, but was rebuilt again and now is in its original state.
On the beach White sand you will find the cave of Calypso where there, in the cave of Calypso remained Odysseus as a prisoner. To the North of the island you will find the wreck of the ship Sarah.


The second largest island of Diapontia Islands Erikousa has approximately 400 inhabitants. In the port there is a beach, pretty big, which indeed is preferred by both Corfiots, and tourists from all over the world.
The name comes from the shrub Reiki that grows on the island, and during the month of October all the beaches are filled with a purple coloured bush. The most beautiful part of the island is Pera Katergo, from where you can see the whole island, while the stone cross reveals the story of a nautical disaster that happened there years ago. Moreover, Pera Katergo was the quarry of the area, as the territory was rich in rocks and was preferred for mining.


The third and smallest of the Diapontia Islands is mathraki. Legend has it that it got its name from ‘ athrakia ‘, which means coal, when it was once burned down many years ago. While most beautiful beach is that of Portelo, which deepens smoothly, while if you like diving the Northwest beaches is a must for you, as the waters are crystal clear!