A beautiful Sunday of August we decided to become tourists ourselves on the island, and to take a boat in the Ionian sea, the boat of Madalena, and Madalena Cruises Corfu, and go for a ride around North Corfu, combined with BBQ.
We started at ten from the port of gouvia and with our pirate ship, we began our adventure. First stop were the caves of Saint Arsenios. Between the beaches of Agni and Krouzeri, on some intimidating rocks is built the chapel of Agios Arsenios.

Under the rocks there is a very special cave. We entered from one side and exit from the other passing under the rock while diving. The waters are deep but spotless! And have a green-blue colour, like emerald.
Next stop was the beach of Limnopoyla. Just a half mile from Saint Saranda in Albania, Limnopoyla Beach apart from the clear waters has a very nice view. Combining an unparalleled scenic beauty, as apart from the forest, on the back of the beach there is a lake, accessible to visitors. Of course my excitement for this beach was double as the captains started preparing the BBQ! Barbecue on the beach.
And let’s not forget that above all we were pirates! And pirates without a fight, are not real pirates! Everybody knows that! On the road we found another pirate ship, and of course had to devastate the rival ship! The kids went in the front with water guns and the Captain was attacking the rivals with buckets full of water! Who won and who lost, unknown. Little did it matter after all. We played and the water was a refreshment and the kids had the time of their lives!
Soaked, but excited we started heading back. We had one last stop at the nissaki beach. It was the only organized beach, with taverns and a cafeteria. We had one hour to explore that beach, enough time to drink a coffee and enjoy the sea breeze. The water again had a lovely emerald colour, and was spotlessly clean and pleasantly cool!

On the way back we passed from the settlements of Kouloura, Kalami and we passed from Barbati, Dassia and Ipsos. And as we were all tired and we were close at Gouvia, suddenly the two ships, Marilena and Maddalena were joined, began playing the classic tune of Zorba, and our captain jumped next doors in order to give a dancing recital with his son and his daughter! We loved it! Imagine how the foreigners felt! And at the time that we thought that everything was over, and what an amazing time we had.The captain wore a black Afro wig, and with his grandson on his shoulders he began to dance to 80s tunes, while one of the crew wore a wig with dreadlocks and began to dance to reggae rhythms.
And that’s how our adventure has come to an end!