There is one famous song about Corfu, in which the singer states in a great enthusiasm that the greatest fish of all time can be found only at Benitses Village. And if you ask me, it might be one of the most suitable songs ever made about Corfu. And of course Benitses Village is not just a sea-side village with three beaches. But has a lot more to offer depending on which time of the year you visit it. My first dash at Benitses was mid of May. The initial plan was to go somewhere, away from the town of Corfu, so that we get a chance to explore something more. We quickly put on our bathing suits, we took the bus, and in half an hour we were at Benitses.

To start with, the journey was majestic. We passed by Kanoni, we saw the mouse island, and then we admired the Kaiser’s bridge, which connected Achilleion with the beach.

Mid of May it was, and we stopped at the main beach of Benitses, as the beach was free with not so much people. The most daring of us decided to try the water, which was ice cold… so we just “tried” the water. Later on, we decided to explore the village. It was small but amazingly picturesque. Beautiful houses, colorful gardens, and at the top of the village we found two small churches. On our way back home, we promised to each other and to ourselves to repeat this at any chance given. And that’s what we did. During the first days of July, with the heat stronger, we took again the bus to Benitses. And stopped at the same beach as the last time.

But to our surprise this time was an organized beach, meant mainly for tourists. Being students, and because we wanted a quiet place, we decided to find another beach. And with that thought in our minds, we put ourselves to the discovery of a new beach. Slowly but steady we started walking towards the exit of the village. It was high season in Corfu, and that means that touristic shops’ owners can do literally everything to lure tourists. Thus, Elvis Prisley and Michael Jackson nights were organized, and adding to those, excursions not only to Paxoi, which are close to Corfu, but also to monasteries at the other side of Greece.

Our search led us to a beach called “Tsaki”. It was exactly what we were looking for… Small, quiet and hidden. The best part though was its crystal clear waters. This was something that charmed us immediately! As well as the constant airplanes that were passing in front of us in order to land at the airport. The beach has an exquisite beauty, with pebbles outside and sand inside, and as it’s hidden inside the trees. It offered us some good sites with shade.

But the time passed and we started feeling hungry… We had two choices. Either to go back to Corfu Town, and eat something there, or to walk until the Village of Benitses and lunch at a tavern. What if we had exams and needed to study? We went for the second choice. It was the best fish I have ever eaten my whole life! And in addition to the sea breeze, and the majestic landscape it was the best thing that could happen to us! After we enjoy our ice cream, but soon we had to call it a night, because if not we would have lost the bus to our way home.

With the promise to come back again at Benitses, and to live again those unique moments, we said a temporary good bye and we headed home.