The sea fascinated me since I was a little girl. Its view, the feeling of its vastness, helped me relax and forget everything. Having lived in coastal cities, I feel that the sea is part of my everyday life, whether it’s winter or summer. This is probably why I love the Gouvia Marina in Corfu; during winter it is a break from my daily routine and during summer it is a chance to walk in its beautiful piers, drink a cold afternoon coffee, or have casual dinner or relax for a drink.

Gouvia marina is located in front of the village of Kontokali, in Gouvia Bay, just 7 km from Corfu town and the airport, and is the first private Marina in Greece. Its location is wisely chosen; both locals and sailors considered the picturesque bay a link between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean sea and a safe, sheltered place to anchor and get to know the beauties of Corfu and its cosmopolitan character. This encouraged the Venetian navigators of the 17th century to build the first naval base and shipyard, whose ruins are still there.

This tradition is held until today as sailboats and motor boats from around the world arrive in Gouvia Marina to enjoy the beauties of the beaches and sceneries, the cool breeze and the beautiful corfiot villages . Moreover, owners and passengers of vessels have the opportunity to enjoy high quality services such as shops, boat rental agencies, car and bike rentals, restaurants, cafes and bars, harbour station while the outdoor facilities include cricket court, a swimming pool and a playground.

I’ve spent many beautiful afternoons by the sea, gazing away, walking on the piers or sipping my coffee with the view of majestic sailboats, yachts, catamarans and smaller boats, with a dose of jealousy for their passengers’ lives far from stress. I’m never tired of watching the sailing races ending in Gouvia Marina, with a huge participation of vessels from Greece and abroad. Thousands of people share their passion for sea traveling in places of incomparable beauty. This includes many difficulties but also unforgettable memories. Visitors can watch these races and get a small taste of a different lifestyle.

But the activities at Gouvia marina don’t end here: both “residents” and guests have the opportunity to fly to Paxi Islands, Igoumenitsa and to other Ionian Islands by seaplane. Seaplanes also make sightseeing flights of Corfu for all of us who want to admire the beauties of the island from high above.

The Gouvia marina is a different world hidden in mine: a carefree, floating city. In the morning, the city is bathed in sunlight, full of life and energy, showing its most bright colours. And at night, under the moonlight, its little lights enchant us and its calm waters make us feel free gazing at the vessels swaying by the sea breeze.

And so charming as it can be, It ‘ll wake up the next morning ….