Bourdetto is the most famous fish dish of Corfu. It is made with different sorts of fish (scorpion fish is said to be the best) cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, with or without potatoes.

The word derives, of course, from the venetian brodetto which is, however, a fish soup.  It is usually cooked in the coastal villages of the Adriatic sea but I found no version with a spicy flavour. Marcella Hazan, an Italian-born cooking writer, who grew outside Rimini describes the bourdetto her father used to cook as a delicious dish with many different flavour due to the different kinds of small fish.

In Corfu you can try bourdetto in almost every taverna and restaurant, but here I give you the traditional, authentic recipe, in case you want to recreate it at home!It is one of my favourite dishes because it is fairly easy and as a student it’s the only way to eat fish without feeling bored to spend hours in the kitchen!

The locals pay attention to the tomato sauce. If we want the bright red colour and a thick sauce it’s better to use tomato paste. And of course, be sure to use extra-virgin olive oil and buy a good bottle of wine to enjoy this recipe the best way!

Bon appetit!

Source: Botanistas