Nighttime entertainment in Corfu is indeed limited, especially during the winter, and more particular if you are not the typical “club-person”. One choice for a night out is the tsipouradika of Corfu. All of them gathered in one street, behind the old courtrooms, they are the choice of many students and locals who fancy going out for wine, tsipouro or something small to eat.

Each one has its own unique style, its own cuisine and its own “people”. Their main difference is in the food. You can start from the typical traditional tsipouradiko aimed for students, with cheap drink and simple food, and end at the big one, where you can order normal portions of grilled or cooked food. So the rate of the night differs depending on where you will choose to sit, and what you will choose to eat and drink.

Of course, each and every one of them has the necessary background music, and most of them have live music shows by students at the musical department of the university.

As places, most of them are small, and in the winter, they are overcrowded. During the summer, their tables spread in the small streets of Corfu, and the region is transformed into a cosmopolitan street from 9 until 1 every night. Note that after 10 it is almost impossible to find a free table.

The famous street with the tsipouradika is the Prosalendou street, behind the old courtrooms. Apart from this street there are many more in a distance of about 500 meters of this spot.