It is rumored that Corfu Island it’s a bit expensive travel destination. But this is not the truth. It is a great destination for a budget holiday, follow some tips. So book early your flight and enjoy your vacations in Corfu Island.


First of all, avoid staying in a luxury 4-5 star hotel. Prefer booking a small apartment or studio. The cost is much lower, and secondly, the apartment is equipped with a cuisine that will use it to prepare some meals instead of sitting in a restaurant. Apartments just a short distance (1-2km) from the historic center are a bit cheaper.


Another expensive is food. As I mentioned above, an apartment with cuisine is a great option. Visit the local supermarket and grocery stores, buy some staff prepares some of your daily meals. Eat pita gyros – the Greek traditional fast food. In every neighborhood or village in Corfu Island, you will find a grill room or tavern that makes Pita Gyros. One or two pitas are fair enough for a meal/person.


Rent a scooter. Scooters are cheaper than Cars or ATVs. A 125cc Scooter is a great option for a couple to rent and to ride along Whole Island. Alternately use local transport. Daily transfers from Corfu Town to all villages and beaches. Inform for Blue and Green Buses destinations and timetables.


Things to do (almost free)

All the beaches are free. You don’t need to pay for an umbrella or sunbeds. Keep in mind that some beach bars (for example, in Agios Gordios Beach) offer free sunbed if you order just a coffee or refreshment. Learn more for famous beaches

If you are an adventurous traveler, you must know that Corfu is a great destination for hiking. Many available paths, especially in the northern part of the Island. Learn more about Mount Pantokrator, Sinies, Peritheia, Erimitis, and much more.

Things to do (almost free) – In the Town Center

Walking at the historical center of Corfu. Walk at the famous Liston with arcaded terraces and fashionable cafes and at Spianada Square, which is the biggest square in Balkan. Next to Spianada, look for Boschetto Garden. A small and beautifully designed public garden, on the eastern side of Spianada, next to the moat of the Old Fortress.

Another must-visit with a low entrance fee is Old Fortress, which its entrance next to Spianada Square, and after this look for the New Fortress which its entrance is at the old Port of Corfu.

Another noteworthy point to visit with the free entrance is the church of Agios Spyridonas, located 3 minutes away from Spianada Square.
Visit Vlacherena Church, one of the most picturesque points of Corfu. The church is built on a small islet which is connected to land through a narrow stone trail as a footbridge for the visitors. A few meters away from the islet, the famous Pontikonisi island (literally the mouse island) is obvious. In the center of the Island, there is a church devoted to “Metamorfosis of Sotiros” – “Transfiguration of the Savior.” You can go there by boat that you can find next to Vlacherena Church.