Aqualand is one of the most famous summer destinations in Corfu . It is one of the biggest theme parks in the world and it is located in the village of Agios Ioannis just 12km from Corfu Town.

Aqualand owes its design to the companies who designed the theme parks of Universal Studios and Disney parks. As pointed out on the official ad of the park, Aqualand is one of the most amazing theme water parks in the world! In its premisses you can find numerous pools and slides that can satisfy any taste. In addition to all these in Aqualand you can fine the THIRD biggest wave pool in Europe.

This summer Aqualand turns 18 years old but that hasn’t paid any cost to the quality of the park. During all the years it has been a part of entertainment in Corfu it has never lost its place as one of the most visited place on the island. That is because not only does Aqualand meet with any taste when it comes to slides and pools but it also fulfills the requirements of the visitors in matters of clean premises and high safety. For every poll and slide there is at least one lifeguard keeping theirs eyes on the visitors, making sure their safety is insured at all times. Moreover, the park is filled with signs that mark probable danger of slippery pavements and that make indications about who can visit certain slides and pools.

All the safety measures I mentioned combined with the clean environment of Aqualand and the fact that there are also pools for little children that are designed in thought of their needs and that can make Aqualand fun for them, are what make Aqualand the perfect place for a family to go to. It can easily satisfy the needs of adults and keep the little ones safe and busy.

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In Aqualand you can find anything you need. From food to clothing. There is a number of fast foods, gift shops, fast food, a gift and tourist shop , gelateria , fish-spa and henna tattoos.
If we just exclude the fact that Aqualand spreads across a 63.000 m2 of land, plus 12.000 m2 of parking available for its clients and if we also exclude the rest of the facilities it can provide, the main reason one would visit a theme water park is the pools and the slides and when it comes to those, Aqualand can by far win any other theme park. The reason is that in Aqualand you will not only find one or two slides but a big number of them that can cover a wide range of tastes.

There are slides especially designed for little children, slides you can take a round lilo, slides that you can go without a lilo, slides that are characterized as “the extremes“ that have great height and a 90° angle (and are obviously only for people of a certain age and over). In addition to the big number of slides there are three big pools . One of them has a depth of 1,50m, the one next to it is of a 2m depth and on the other side of the park you can find the great wave pool. The best thing about Aqualand is that you can spend an entire day there (10:00 a.m – 18: 00 p.m are the times it is open) and you’d still have things to do and slides to go down from . All these are what make Aqualand special and different from other water parks .