Corfu Island is one of the best destinations to choose for your summer vacations.  Many people will choose to stay in a hotel for their holidays because it’s what they’re familiar with, but do you think that it would be great to rent a villa in Corfu? There are many benefits to renting a villa that hotels can’t offer you. In fact, if you read that post you’ll learn that renting a villa in Corfu actually offers you virtually all of the benefits of a hotel plus loads of unique advantages and features that you won’t be able to find in your standard hotel room!

Villas are great for Privacy and Seclusion

Villas offer you a level of privacy that hotels can’t match. Instead of living in just one room on a corridor, in a villa you have the luxury of a whole home and its outdoor facilitie. With a private villa you can come and go as you please, without having to worry about disturbing anyone, or endure the stress and worry of noisy or badly behaved neighbours in a hotel room next door. Villas allow you to relax totally as you wish, as you would do in the comfort of your own home.

Rent a Villa for more space

In a villa you can luxuriate in glorious space that you just don’t find in hotel rooms. You and your family or friends can spread out across several rooms without feeling cooped up and with none of the additional stress and strain of getting under one another’s feet. Everyone can enjoy their own personal space and privacy, but you’re also able to enjoy precious moments with one another in fantastically spacious living rooms, verandas, and terraces that are hard to find in hotels.

Villa offer you great facilities

Villas can offer you all the comforts, benefits and luxuries of a hotel but with so much more freedom. All the standard amenities you would expect at a hotel are available in the most villas that you can rent in Corfu, including air conditioning, wifi, toiletries, towels and linen. On top of this, every villa features a fully equipped kitchen as well as a BBQ where you can prepare and then enjoy your meals at your leisure.  Most of them can provide you private chef service if there are any times you don’t feel like cooking. Ask the owner for more details.

Choose Villa for your family

A villa is the perfect place to stay with your family or a group of friends. Unlike a hotel, where your party will be split across several rooms and perhaps even spread over different parts of the hotel, in a villa you can all enjoy your holiday together and share some fun moments. Villas are great choice for celebrations, making them perfect for stag and hen parties, birthdays, and wedding parties. Families with children will relish the extra space and freedom offered by a family villa over a hotel, and children can enjoy the exciting experience of a ‘home away from home’ where they have their own space free from the restrictions of a hotel.

Choose Villa with private pool

Many of the villas in Corfu come with their own private swimming pools or jacuzzis, which is certainly something you don’t normally find in a hotel! With a private pool villa there’s no problems with crowding, or vying for the best position for your sunbeds. Instead you’ve got the opportunity to relax and swim in your own private tranquility with your loved ones.

Villas are more affordable than you think

Because they offer you so much flexibility, villas actually provide you with a much better value holiday than a hotel stay. Villas are a great value way of bringing together large parties in one or two homes, and are also a much better value proposition for families than hotels. Staying in a villa in Corfu also gives you flexibility and value for money choices for dining. If you choose to, you can spend some nights sampling the delicious local restaurants Corfu has to offer, and other quiet nights at your villa cooking your own home cooked meals in the fully equipped villa kitchens, surrounded by your friends and family.

Many Villas are next to beaches

Villas can provide locations in spots that hotels just can’t match. Many villas are located in a beautiful secluded areas of the Corfu countryside, making them the perfect island retreat to get away from it all.


As you can now see, staying in a villa in Corfu gives you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique and special holiday in Greece. A villa holiday in Corfu can provide you with an unforgettable and unique experience of Greek life that you won’t find in a hotel.