Ensure Your Love Is Eternal

D’amour canal is considered to be among the most mesmerizing and popular beaches on the island of Corfu. It is very popular through Europe and all over the world as it is the place to go for true lovers that wish to stay together forever. The beach can be found in the northern area of Sidari and it is about 32km from the main town. It is located at the westernmost tip of the northern shore on the island. D’armour canal features mind-blowing sculpted sandstone rocks which rise on from each side and it forms a natural fjord-like canal.

How it was formed?

The beach is widely regarded as a natural masterpiece in the Mediterranean. The beach is formed when an opening was created by the corrosive effect of the water and air on a cliff that is made of sandstone. As the year passes, there is continuous weathering on the sandstone which then formed this natural environment where some parts of the canals are filled with turquoise waters while the other parts of the area feature caves and bights that you can explore.
The beach that was formed in the area is small and you will feel like it is crowded when you get here as you will see many bathers leave their towels on the rocks all over the beach. The beach attracts thousands of tourists every year and it is best if you can come here early in the morning so that you can find a place and have the beach to yourself. The beach is usually very crowded and you need to be patient when you visit.

Highlights of the beach

It is believed by the locals that couples that swim the length of the canal will be in love forever and visitors that can swim to the furthest area of the beach will find the love of their life. Some singles also prefer to just toss a coin into the water while making a wish for true love. The beach attracts a wide range of tourists from celebrities to film crews and it is believed by the locals that the waters have detoxifying and healing properties. This is mainly because of its rich deposits of clay in the sea because the rocks are weathered by wind and saltwater to create this stunning caves and small lagoons.
You are going to find lots of tourists at the beach scooping clay from the water and smoothing it all over their body. The area has a great history as it has been inhabited since the ancient times and you are going to find traces of Neolithic settlement and earlier Mesolithic settlements in the excavations found around Sidari. Some of the other things that you can try out here are diving and swimming.