There is a whole host of phenomena that give Death Valley its feared reputation. Holding the record as the hottest place on earth, it is known for rocks that move by themselves and a string of haunted towns and abandoned settlements. But do you know the spookiest places you can visit?

For fans of the odd and occult, the area is a must. Read on as we discuss the weirdest things to do in Death Valley.

1) Tonopah Cemetery and Clown Motel

Tonopah Cemetery is one of the famous Death Valley attractions. Originally a mining town, this was the first cemetery that catered to the early pioneers. The parched dirt is littered with atmospherically weathered tombstones from a bygone age.

If this could not get any weirder, then the oddest of Death Valley hotels is adjacent. The Clown Motel is filled with clown paintings, dolls, and collectibles. If you don’t have the nerve then you can always stay at the more comfortable Death Valley resort.

2) Rhyolite

Of the ghost towns of Death Valley, Rhyolite is the most accessible. It is just off the nearby border town of Beatty, actually falling in the state of Nevada. You can walk down Main Street, littered with its decaying building materials and enclosed by defunct properties.

Some sights still visible include the railway depot and general store. The closest vestige of life is the open-air Goldwell Museum close by at the entrance to Death Valley. A host of cloaked figures reenact the last supper and look fantastic as the sun goes down behind them.

3) Burro Schmidt Tunnel

William Burro Schmidt was responsible for hand digging a tunnel through the Mojave Desert. Carrying the rocks out in sacks on his own, no one is quite sure why he did it. Many believe he was hoping to connect railroads, but when this was done elsewhere he carried on regardless.

4) Badwater Basin

Only 100 miles away from the highest point in the United States, lies the lowest point. 282 feet below sea level, this desolate point is a constantly evaporating pool of saltwater. A wooden jetty carries people out to the spot across the land and prevents them from sinking into the mud.

5) Amargosa Opera House

Marta Becket found the Amargosa Opera House when her car broke down in 1967. Originally built in 1925, it has a serious reputation for hauntings by several spirits.

The hotel houses the cries of a child who drowned in the bath. Spirits have held down the legs and feet of guests. One area is completely blocked off to visitors, though the owners will not explain why.

Booking Things to Do in Death Valley

Now you know these creepy things to do in Death Valley, get your trip booked. Many of them do not require tickets, so you can turn up and walk right in. However, you may need to book hotels, particularly if you want to stay in the spooky ones.

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