One of the most famous destinations in Corfu is the monastery of Palaiokastritsa. The monastery built in 1225, then destroyed by the Genevans in 1403, and rebuilt in 1469, so that it was destroyed once again by the Turkish in 1537. Despite all that it was rebuilt again in 1572 and is still working until nowadays. A pole of attraction to many tourists as well as locals, so that they can make a wish and throw a coin at the main entrance of the monastery.

Why it is worth visiting

The reason why the monastery of Palaiokastritsa is a pole of attraction is its magical location, built on the verge of the mountain of Palaiokastritsa, making it one of the best places of the island. The mesmerized guests are always coming back to see this idyllic view.

How to get there

The monastery of Palaiokastritsa located about 25 kilometers away from the town center. You can go there either by organized excursions, or by renting your own vehicle from a “rent a car” of the island. But, if you are already in Palaiokastritsa and enjoying your time at the beach, you can organize your own excursion, since you are extremely close to your destination, or as an original Corfiot would say, “an uphill and you are there”.

What to do when you get there

One of the places you should visit is the museum of the monastery, situated at the same region at the left of the main entrance. Before leaving, you can take some photos with the Venetian cannon, that is always there to supervise the North sea together with Agelokastro, and to protect the town from enemies. The view of the rocks “ortholithos”, “skeloudi”, and “kolovri” is also remarkable. Browse through the pathway that will lead you to the cross at the mountain’s summit, where the view will compensate even the most demanding visitor.