And as we were enjoying out cocktails on the terrace, while viewing the island from above, we thought why the adventures of the sad students that are leaving the island should end only in North Corfu? We should visit South Corfu too!

Since we got familiar with the boat, and we learned to play with the waves, we went back again to Tony’s Corfu Town Boat Rental. This time in order to explore the south part of the island. Once again Mike helped us with the usual lesson, despite the fact that we were kind of familiar with the process, he wanted to be sure!

With the same thinking as the last time, because it was still morning and the sun not too hot, we decided to go to the southern part of the island and then head north.

First stop was Mesoggi. A typical sea side village, with taverns, sea side shops and traditional coffee shops. We left our boat to the port and wandered around the village. There we had breakfast from a local bakery. We sat on the beach, and enjoyed our breakfast. The sea was still cold because it was too early so we decided to swim at the next stop.

Next stop was Moraitika. Also a quiet village. And once again, we thought it would be wiser to walk first and then if we still had time to enjoy the sea. The locals were very friendly. They even helped us with our boat because we couldn’t secure it on the port, and the sea would have taken it away. To be honest we didn’t care that much about the boat. Our concern was what we would say to Tony and Mike. What happened to their boat? The heat though was unbearable. We dived at the main beach which was quite similar to the main beach of Benitses, where we have already been.

While traveling through the oceans we reached Saint Ioannis ton Peristeron. The beach was literally endless! We found a quieter spot and we started playing with the amazingly blue waters! The sea was truly clean and the sandy beach had big imposing rocks, giving a special atmosphere to the scenery.

We sat and enjoyed the sun and the sea for a lot of time as Benitses was our next stop, and he had already been there. Our goal at Benitses was to eat again that delicious fish we had the first time.
So when we got hungry, we jumped on our boat again and headed to Benitses. We parked our boat at the port and with a great anticipation we run towards the tavern that we knew! And as expected we filled our stomachs with so much fish, as it was our last day on earth! Then we ate an ice cream, and then we ate a dessert. And slowly but steady we started walking in order to digest! With our stomachs full we jumped again on our boat.

Next and last stop was Perama. A village in front of the mouse island and the airport. Our plan was to find a nice spot and watch the airplanes land and take off while passing above our heads.

Then the phone rings! “Girls, is everything all right? Where are you?”, we were late and Tony was getting worried. We left as fast as we could and returned to the town, where Tony was still there waiting with a big smile on his face.

After those two daily small cruises, we concluded that if someone is looking for imposing landscapes, then North Corfu is the best option. While if they are looking for small traditional and more family like places, the best option is South Corfu!
In general Corfu is an island that can satisfy every taste, even the most demanding ones!