Project Description

Eftichis traditional café

Eftichis traditional café is located in the picturesque village of Lakones with small square tables placed outside where people can relax and enjoy the environment around them. It is a very warm and welcoming place that also offers live music to its visitors. The owner of the café is very friendly and generous. The place is surrounded by a nice and pleasant atmosphere that is far away from the hustling and bustling of cities.
Efitichis offers refreshing drinks and coffee that is extremely frothy and full of aroma. The traditional Greek coffee is what drives and attracts people to keep visiting the traditional café now and then. It mostly offers a small serving of home-cooked food along with drinks that are mentioned on the menu. However, the café does not have a proper menu that is offered at different restaurants.
It stays open throughout the week from Sunday – Saturday. It is better to make reservations before you visit. The place can be booked for mini parties or get together.

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