Eftichis traditional café

Nestled in the picturesque village of Lakones, Eftychios Traditional Café is a hidden gem that is worth seeking out for those who are looking for an authentic Corfu experience. This family-owned café is known for its traditional décor, warm hospitality, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Located on a hill overlooking the sea, Eftychios Traditional Café offers a tranquil setting where visitors can sit back, relax, and take in the natural beauty of Corfu. The café’s outdoor seating area is particularly popular, as it provides an unobstructed view of the Ionian Sea and the neighboring island of Palaiokastritsa.

Inside, the café is decorated with traditional Greek furnishings, including wooden tables and chairs, colorful rugs, and vintage photographs of the local area. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with friendly staff who are happy to chat with visitors and offer recommendations on what to see and do in the surrounding area.

Eftychios Traditional Café serves a variety of coffee drinks, including Greek coffee, cappuccino, and espresso, as well as a selection of homemade pastries and light meals. Visitors can also sample local wines, beers, and spirits, which are carefully selected by the café’s owners to showcase the best that Corfu has to offer.

One of the highlights of a visit to Eftychios Traditional Café is the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Lakones is a charming village with narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and colorful flowers spilling out of window boxes. Visitors can stroll through the village and admire the local architecture, or take a short hike to nearby Bella Vista, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding countryside.

While Lakones is a bit off the beaten path and can be difficult to access by car, visitors who make the journey to Eftychios Traditional Café will be rewarded with a memorable experience that is truly unique to Corfu. With its charming atmosphere, warm hospitality, and stunning views, Eftychios Traditional Café is a must-visit spot for anyone who is looking to explore the beauty of this enchanting island.