Bistro Boileau Restaurant

Bistro Boileau is located on the most beautiful Ionian Island in Greece. It offers a number of dishes that are influenced by different delicacies that are offered across the globe. Bistro Boileau is all about tasting different meze and sharing little platters packed with flavors with your family and friends. The restaurant offers a perfect place to dine in both in summers and in winters.
The menu offered at Bistro Boileau is a mix of Greek and International cuisines. Finest ingredients are used to bring you the best dishes in town. The menu has a variety as it not only includes mouthwatering main course dishes but it also has some delicious appetizers, pasta, snacks and salads for their customers. Moreover, it also has a distinctive list of wines that are homegrown.

The specialties of the house that are worth trying include Pork fillet that is stuffed with delicious prunes and raisins, Chicken fillet served with walnuts and figs, fillet Boileau that is beef cooked in butter and is served with fresh cream along with onions, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. However, if anyone wants to order an appetizer then their fried calamari and Tarama salad are worth trying.
The menu is quite extensive and separate gluten-free or vegetarian menu is also available. The restaurant also serves a separate portion for children considering the amount of diet they can consume easily.
The staff and the owners Alex Regis and Sue Boileau are very friendly and welcoming. They make sure that they deliver the quality they have promised to their customers.

The restaurant is located on the inner road in Kontokali. It is open throughout the week from Sunday – Saturday from 19:00 till late night.