KASSIOSDIAS is an amateur sports group with a love for sports and a social profile aiming to increase awareness in youth, encourage volunteering and through our work protect and promote the virgin natural wealth of the region. Having found a home and support at the Cultural Association of Kassiopi, we managed through the years to create a race of high standards, competitive, with top athletes from Greece and abroad, and in combination with our professional-level organisation, our race deservingly stands among the best in mountain running.

A distinctive characteristic of the race is that part of it runs along the coastline, through the incredibly beautiful and environmentally important ecosystem of Erimitis, a Natura area of unfathomable natural beauty, without the race losing its mountain character, thanks to the terrain. The thick vegetation, the beautiful beaches and the three small lakes compose a unique landscape, one of the very few that have remained untouched and retain their natural beauty intact.

Source &  more info: kassiosdias.gr