Corfu, as we have already mentioned, is an island with many natural beauties but also countless opportunities for spiritual cultivation! Such a bright example is the summer book exhibition. Every August all the booksellers of Corfu descend in the spianada square, and expose their books at special prices. Indeed, in those days you can find rare books, or books that have stopped being issued by their publishers.
These 15 days, are the joy of every book lover! The variety is enormous, while we can unearth diamonds both of Greek and worldwide literature. From novels to dictionaries! Anything you can imagine!
Moreover, poetry nights, or reading nights are organised each year. In the spianada square, surrounded by green, all the book lovers gather up, and either read passages from their favourite books, or read their favourite poems.
While on different occasions, freshly published books are being presented by their authors. Corfiot and non, authors and poets present their work and many times are of a great interest. University professors, and other prominent people take a stand, making these August Nights even more interesting!
Finally, even if you’re not the type who reads, or if you don’t care about books and so much, it’s worth to pay a visit for two reasons. Firstly, if you’re a fan of the modelling you can find many modelling kits, either of famous monuments, or miscellaneous things.
The second is the bench for the Chamogelo tou paidiou. A non profit organisation, that raises money for orphans, or children who need them. Every year, at the end of the book exhibition there is a bench for the Chamogelo tou paidiou. You can either buy a t-shirt or a souvenir from Corfu, made with love by these children, or buy a stationery product, to support the fight of these children.
So, our beautiful island is a destination for all tastes, even for friends of books!